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Welcome to Saskatoon Oral Radiology!

We are a radiology center equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide optimal diagnostic imaging and reporting to assist dentists and physicians in the care of their patients. We utilize cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to allow unmatched volumetric three-dimensional visualization of anatomy for diagnostic and treatment planning purposes.

Fee Schedule

Fees shown below include acquisition, image processing and interpretation by a radiologist.

Small Field of View – Cost: $200
(ie. sextant or part of; supernumerary tooth, isolated TMJ, single implant site, endodontic imaging)

Large Field of View – Cost: $275 | $325
(ie. 1 arch or bilateral TMJ in opened and closed positions)

Large Field of View – Cost: $350 | $400 for full height
(ie. 2 arches)


Dr. Garnet Packota, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist

November 2023 – Dr. Packota is no longer accepting requests for radiology reporting and will be fully retiring at the end of 2023. You can contact one of the radiologists listed under Request for Report that Dr. Packota provided to us – these individuals are colleagues of Dr. Packota who have indicated that they are willing to accept requests for radiology reporting. If you have any questions, please contact our office at (306) 653-6781.

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