What is Cone Beam Computer Tomography scan (CBCT scan)?

You have been referred to us by your Dentist or Doctor for a CBCT scan. Advances in dental and medical technology over the past 30 years have led to the development of the CBCT scan device. It is now regarded as one of the most advanced methods of capturing 3D images of patients while utilizing a very low dose of radiation.

The CBCT technology captures hundreds of x-ray images in a matter of seconds. In addition, the scanner rotates around you, allowing for a completed 360 degree imaging of the target scanned. By contrast, a traditional X-ray can only capture a two dimensional snapshot.

The advantage of a CBCT over X-ray is that it allows your Dentist or Doctor to analyze the scan layer by layer on a computer, and give them the tools necessary to make a more accurate analysis and diagnosis to assess your condition and subsequently develop your treatment plan.

Preparing for a CBCT scan

Do not wear any jewelry on the day of your appointment.

During the CBCT scan, you will be seated and the scan should only take a few minutes.

Fasting is not required for a CBCT scan appointment.


The cost of a CBCT scan depends on the size of image requested. This can vary from $200.00 – $400.00.

Payment is due at the time of your appointment. Our methods of payment include Debit, Credit or Cash. We do not accept cheques.

We do not direct bill to dental insurance providers, however; we are able to provide you with a standard claim form, if desired.

Please note that our office policy requires 24 hours (1 business day) of notice to cancel or reschedule a CBCT scan appointment. Insufficient notice may result in a cancellation fee.